Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pinterest Inspired Challenge: A to Z

Hello! It's Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here and the ABC's are a big deal in my house. With daughters 4, 3, and almost 1.5 years they are constantly spelling, writing, memorizing, rhyming, and learning! I thought this would be a SUPER fun thing for them to have on their wall and Doodlebug has SO many animals in their At the Zoo collection that I wasn't missing very many to make up the whole alphabet!

I was inspired by this set of wall decals HERE.

It's already working! The girls are LOVING it and Charlotte (3) is learning her letters a la doodlebug! I mixed up doodle-pops, icons, and mini icons to make up the bulk of the animals. There is one shaped sprinkle (dog) thrown in there as well.

My girls and I all love elephants so that was the obvious choice for E. Their other favorite peacock to watch videos of was the peacock and I really loved that little waterfall and wanted to get it in there as well. They LOVED that for W.

I did run into a problem for I, N, Q, V, X and Y. I googled all animals that began with those letters and they were few and far between! So I chose my favorite or shortest ones and used the upper case letter to emphasize it and the lower case letters to spell out the rest of the word. It worked nicely and gave the piece some visual interest.

I borrowed the jellyfish from an older doodlebug line, but look at that fabulous flamingo doodle-pop and that adorable kangaroo and joey! 

To fit them all in I did measure out the letters on a paper next to it so I knew about how much space I had and I just worked from top left to bottom right line by line although for the waterfall, I wanted to make sure it fit - so I worked from right to left on that line. 

I hope you enjoyed this project and as I used letters that were gender neutral in color my girls can enjoy this and hopefully I can pass it along to someone else as a shower gift in the future! Animals are so "in" right now so grab some At the Zoo and craft up a storm!

Product used:
doodlebug: at the zoo: doodle pops: tommy tiger (5540)
doodlebug: at the zoo: doodle pops: leo lion (5585)
doodlebug: at the zoo: doodle pops: pink flamingo (5226)
doodlebug: at the zoo: doodle pops: eddie elephant (5586)
doodlebug: at the zoo: mini icons (5712)
doodlebug: at the zoo: icons (5667)
doodlebug: at the zoo 2: icons (5666)
doodlebug: anchors aweigh: icons (5145)
doodlebug: fairy tales: mini icons (5710)
doodlebug: shape sprinkles: puppy play (5212)
doodlebug: teensy type: bumblebee (3430)
doodlebug: teensy type: blue jean (3433)
doodlebug: teensy type: swimming pool (3432)
doodlebug: teensy type: bon bon (3436)
doodlebug: teensy type: limeade (3431)
doodlebug: teensy type: beetle black (3437)
doodlebug: teensy type: tangerine (3429)
doodlebug: skinny: tangerine (4719)
doodlebug: skinny: bumblebee (4720)
doodlebug: skinny: blue jean (4723)
doodlebug: skinny: bon bon (4726)


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hat's Off!

Hellooooo out there doodlebug lovers!!! This is Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts kicking off the new Hat's Off collection! The acetate odds and ends and the silver foil REALLY make this collection shine (literally). The silver is practically mirror and is REALLY gorgeous in person.

Happy Graduation!
My mother in law just finished her teaching credential and I am so proud of her for completing it while working! I thought I would make her a really fun card using this sweet lady owl!

This new chenille and crushed velvet cardstock are amazing. They are SOOOOO soft. I used the crushed velvet on all of my cards and it cuts BEAUTIFULLY! Have you ever had fuzzy cardstock that left like pilly edges? Not this! Look at that edge! Gorgeous. 

Aren't these cute clips adorable!? I hid them on two of my cards. I also added glossy accents onto the graduation cap and dropped a star into it while it was still wet. I love adding just a touch of something to the odds and ends. I feel like they really come to life!
doodlebug: hat's off: cute clips (5591)
doodlebug: hat's off: odds and ends (5696)
doodlebug: hat's off: 6x6 paper pad (5687)
doodlebug: hat's off: this and that  (5606)
doodlebug: hat's off: shape sprinkles: graduation  (5547)
doodlebug: beetle black: chenille cardstock (1940)
doodlebug: beetle black: crushed velvet cardstock (1898)
doodlebug: petite prints: ruby gingham-linen (5425)

My husband just hit a huge milestone in life and his company color is this blue. So I decided to make him a masculine congratulations card with this fantastic acetate piece from the odds and ends!

Check out that shine!!! On acetate! Once again, I snuck two cute clips in there on top and bottom to frame the sentiment. 
doodlebug: hat's off: cute clips (5591)
doodlebug: hat's off: odds and ends (5696)
doodlebug: hat's off: 6x6 paper pad (5687)
doodlebug: hat's off: shutterbug (5612)
doodlebug: beetle black: crushed velvet cardstock (1898)
doodlebug: colored cardstock: bluebird (3396)

Back to School
Lastly, have you ever had a card that just came together wildly and you just LOVED it!? This was that card for me. 

I had the concept of the star background, the apple and the worm and it was pretty plain. I added the "woo hoo" and the acetate film strip (LOVE) and then my daughters suggested some stars (of course!)

I tried to capture the shine of the silver foil and the acetate but it wasn't super cooperating. Take it from me that these cards really shine in real life!
doodlebug: hat's off: odds and ends (5696)
doodlebug: hat's off: 6x6 paper pad (5687)
doodlebug: hat's off: icons (5601)
doodlebug: sprinkles: silver assortment (4183)
doodlebug: beetle black: crushed velvet cardstock (1898)
doodlebug: petite prints: ladybug gingham-linen (5426)
doodlebug: petite prints: citrus gingham-linen (5433)
doodlebug: petite prints: grasshopper gingham-linen (5435)

I hope you will pick up this fabulously fun line and I hope you enjoyed my cards for today! :) 


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

At the Zoo

Have you ever worked with a collection and just kept thinking, "Wait!! I'm not done with that collection yet!!!" I ran out of time to keep creating with this collection before this post but it isn't leaving my craft desk yet... I LOVE IT!!! Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with maybe my most favorite doodlebug collection ever. First of all, they produced maybe the most doodle-pops ever... and if you have been watching my posts you know how I feel about doodle-pops. :) I featured a doodle-pop on each card. And all the little animals!!!! I just cannot get enough. My kids are trying to steal this collection and they simply cannot get over, "how cute even the bananas are with their smiles"!

Love You
I made this for Mother's Day! I thought my momma would love a little zoo critter card so if you need some last minute inspiration then here it is! :)

This may be my most favorite card that I have done recently. It did not photograph as cute as it is in real life. There is so much dimension and such a sweet feeling.

I just loved the mommy and baby giraffe doodle-pop. Aren't they so cute!? The frame, and leaves are all die cuts from the Odds and Ends and the shiny leaves are SUPER versatile shaped sprinkles!
products used:
doodlebug: at the zoo: 6x6 paper pad (5691)
doodlebug: at the zoo: odds and ends (5600)
doodlebug: at the zoo: doodle-pops: jenny and jojo giraffe (5587)
doodlebug: at the zoo: shaped sprinkles: jungle leaves (5555)
doodlebug: at the zoo: matte sprinkles: zoo assortment (5546)
doodlebug: at the zoo: animal crackers patterned paper (5662)
doodlebug: cardstock stickers: jack and jill: bon bon (2405)
doodlebug: colored cardstock: mandarin (3380)
doodlebug: colored cardstock: chocolate chip (3409)
doodlebug: doodle twine: bon bon (2993)

This little panda just NEEDED a spot light all of her own. Yes, it's a girl panda. The name of this doodle-pop is "Polly Panda" and she couldn't be cuter with her cross hatch ears and feet.

The two bamboo sticks on the left are from the icon sheets and the leaf banner pieces are die cuts from the odds and ends. I just strung twine through them and added the letters from the teensy type letters in beetle black.
products used:
doodlebug: at the zoo: 6x6 paper pad (5691)
doodlebug: at the zoo: odds and ends (5600)
doodlebug: at the zoo: doodle-pops: polly panda (5588)
doodlebug: at the zoo: shaped sprinkles: jungle leaves (5555)
doodlebug: icons: at the zoo (5667)
doodlebug: icons at the zoo 2 (5668)
doodlebug: sprinkles vellum: beetle black (4255)
doodlebug: cardstock stickers: teensy type (3437)
doodlebug: colored cardstock: beetle black (3413)
doodlebug: doodle twine: beetle black (2994)

Hi Monkey!
Last but not least this monkey had me at hello with his smiling banana. My dad has a gooooooood sense of humor so this card is actually for his Father's Day card. 

The monkey is yet another doodle-pop and the smiling banana came with it. The palm trees came from the two icon sheets and I used some matte sprinkles to accentuate the coconuts on the tree near the monkey to draw the eye in. The sentiment came from the this and that sticker sheet.
products used:
doodlebug: at the zoo: 6x6 paper pad (5691)
doodlebug: at the zoo: odds and ends (5600)
doodlebug: at the zoo: doodle-pops: monkey mike (5590)
doodlebug: icons: at the zoo (5667)
doodlebug: icons at the zoo 2 (5668)
doodlebug: at the zoo: this and that (5610)
doodlebug: at the zoo: matte sprinkles: zoo assortment (5546)
doodlebug: colored cardstock: chocolate chip (3409)
doodlebug: at the zoo: hanging out patterned paper (5666)
doodlebug: petite prints: bumblebee swiss dot (5060)
doodlebug: at the zoo: animal crackers patterned paper (5662)

I hope you enjoyed my cards today! I cannot wait to see what you make with this fabulous line!


Monday, May 8, 2017

Of Vikings And Dragons

Okay, I may have three girls... but this collection has me wanting to throw a dragon and vikings party! Courtney from Court's Crafts here with some inspirational birthday cards!

Make a Wish
This collection just lends itself to scenes. How can you not work these amazing tiny men and dragons into some fun little "windows" into their world?

The pebble and dragon scale patterned papers are two of my favorites. I ended up putting them in two cards! How cute is Puff?!?! And that dragon cute clip with it's big belly... soooo cute.
Product List:

Birthday Boy
There is something about that viking holding an ice cream cone and wearing a balloon helmet that just brings a ridiculous smile to my face. Don't you want to be friends with him!? I grabbed the castle from the mini icon sticker sheet and... was it hard to use so many matte sprinkles for a hoarder?!... yes, yes it was. But look at what a cute border they made!!!!

I wanted to highlight it so I added glossy accents to the balloon hat and ice cream and then dropped some doodlebug glitter into the ice cream. Can you tell how the hat looks extra shiny now? love.
Product List:

Happy Birthday
Last but not least. This one was a true "evolution". You would have loved to be a fly on the wall for this one. I cut out the background first and intended on having most of it showing...... welp, that didn't happen. I wanted to use this treat bag and I just LOVED the lock ness monster so I put him in the bag. Adorable. Then I cut off the bag as it was too tall and pasted the bottom back on the bag. voila! short bag!

I added some of that too-cute twine, some friends from the mini icon sheet and tucked some border strips here and there from the This and That sheet. The "happy birthday" strip was from the 6x6 paper pad.
Product List:

I hope you enjoyed this post today and that you go grab this collection while you still can!!!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Once Upon a Time... Doodlebug made a line called Fairy Tales

I am LOVING these three new collections from Doodlebug - like can't-keep-my-hands-off-the-cuteness love. :) Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with some cards fit for a princess. I love this trio. They make me so happy! The colors in this collection are fantastic and as purple doesn't make it into a lot of collections I LOVE that it is part of this one. 

I thought it might be fun to show you a bit of my creative process and I will mention it below. I wasn't "planning" on showing you this so excuse the messiness but this is "truth-blogging" I suppose! :)

When I get a new collection and I am brainstorming I draw sketches of the cards with notes of things I am inspired by. Here were my three original sketches separated by washi tape as I just had to see those cute prints on paper. Watch how much the last one changed!

Happy Birthday Balloons

I started with the mini icons as my inspiration. I wanted to do something with those darling balloons that were smiling at me! 

I grabbed this multicolored polka dotted paper: appropriately named "fairy fetti" (LOVE) and was originally going to put my design on plain white paper. I just felt "blah" about it and switched to the petite prints! Voila! Pizazz! I stitched along the edge in purple thread at the insistence of my 3 and 4 year olds. :) 

So.... I wanted to add a rainbow as originally I was going to use the rainbow striped paper. On the back of the fairy fetti paper are 4x6 cards. One of them has a long rainbow on it. It almost killed me but I cut that rainbow out of that darling card. Then I trimmed it down to size. See the castle spire in the rainbow? I covered it up with a balloon. 

Some twine, the sentiment from the mini icons and some sparkle sprinkles finished off this cute card! I am always in need of birthday cards and now I have a "go to" line for girls! 

doodlebug: petite prints: cupcake swiss dots (5052)

Happy Birthday Hearts

My second card started with a concept of just putting 6 hearts in a row and putting one letter in each one to spell out "thanks". This is what it evolved into! I fell in LOVE with that rainbow heart and I knew I wanted it to be my center. I layered the big and little hearts from the odds and ends around it tucking them behind and adding pop dots as I desired.

Then I added the sentiment and the heart sprinkles (LOVE) and remember that rainbow paper I was obsessed with? Yep. I got it in here as the background paper. I felt like it wasn't standing out enough so I grabbed a purple pen and just outlined everything for emphasis. This is one of my favorite cards I have made in a while! I cannot wait to give it away to someone special!



Last but not least. You wouldn't believe the transformation from concept to completion on this card. Have you ever have an idea that you just couldn't make work? The iterations on this made this work and I am sooo happy with the result! I'll show you part of it. :)

Okay so after the first failed idea, I fussy cut with a thin border around the whole image to give it a shadow. This was SUPER hard for me as there is no getting the stickers back, etc. etc. I had one shot and if I didn't like it, I super messed it up. .....I did not like that either (LOL) so on my THIRD attempt, I cut around the whole thing super tight. I love it. Then I just had to figure out what to do with it!

I loved this purple polka dotted paper as well as the bright polka dots on white so I layered those to ground the center image. I used the skinny font on top of the presents and under the hat and added that adorable swirly cupcake, the strawberry and mini enamel dots from the shaped sprinkles. The rainbow is from the icons and the clouds are from another shaped sprinkles pack. Those amazing glitter sprinkles were added last in random spots on the back layer. There are so. many. sparkles. in those sprinkles.... love. I finished it off by adding the unicorn cute clip!


Here they are again and I hope you grab this super fun, happy, and bright line and make a bunch of amazing birthday/thank you/summertime/Mother's Day/just because cards!


Monday, April 24, 2017

You Are One of a Kind

Hello everyone! I turned this ADORABLE Fox 2 cut file into a shaped card! The links for the fox are below.
I used the adorable "Little Man" collection by Lori Whitlock for Echo Park Paper for this card. Everything came out of the collection pack including that super cute sentiment that I thought would be darling doubled as a scarf.
This card would be great for Father's Day, birthdays for boy or man or just because! I hope you enjoyed this card and pick up this cute fox. (psst. another idea: I almost turned this into a girl "you're foxy" card! Wouldn't that be cute?!)


Monday, April 10, 2017

Hippety Hoppety Home Decor!

You should have gotten here from the fabulous Kathy's blog. If not, start HERE at the beginning.

Lori's SVG cuts can be used on so many more things than paper. My father in law recently got a CNC machine which (to my non-techy ears) means a very large Cricut/Silhouette for wood cutting. :) He hadn't broken it in yet so I asked him if I bought wood and provided the SVG file could he cut me some Easter bunnies? I couldn't decide and so we cut all four.

We could only find wood in 1" thick cuts which I wanted so we cut two of them and then glued them together so they are super sturdy. 

Then I just grabbed some of my favorite May Arts ribbon and had a blast.

I think this one is my favorite. It's it darling?!

I feel like this one is momma rabbit. It just has a protective presence. 

Aww, baby girl bunny. My girls have already LOVED moving these around and since they are so solid I don't have to worry about them! 

I don't imagine most people have access to a CNC machine but there are local workshops where you can use one. Or alternatively you can use chipboard and cut a bunch of them and glue them together. That works too! 

I really hoped you enjoyed my bunnies and I really hope this inspires you to make something for your Easter decor! I think these cuties might go right down the center of my dining room table!

In the Silhouette store they are listed separately:

So, I am sure you are stoked for the coupon codes and FREEBIES!!! 

Before you head off to Anita's blog, enter to WIN some money to the Lori Whitlock store!

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